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Well, well, well, here we go again! The Northern Alliance march southwards once again.

But first ... the preable.

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British National Tai Kai - Stevenage July 2011


Individual event:

Lee Mountain - 5th Dan - Bronze

Phil Henderson - 4th Dan - Bronze

Jon Meikle - 3rd Dan - Silver


Team event:

Lee Mountain - Bronze

Phil Henderson - Bronze


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So, another month, another jolly jaunt for the Budokan boys and their chums from Ojika.

This time we are heading for St Evenage (or Stevenage as it used to be called before the south got posh) for the British Nationals.

Not as good a turnout for Budokan as we usually manage but this was because the BKA had to move it back by a week - apparently the Grand Prix was on!!!!!!!

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Well now, where to begin. Ah yes, Friday night....

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And the award for how to ruin a brand new Iaigi while performing Tsuredachi goes to ....

'Drum roll!'

Owen Wilson!!!!

Owen in his new gi

Congratulations on christening your new gi in style :-)

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