Monday, April 9, 2018, 15:13

Student demonstration

In our training sessions we often come across the term 'seme' which means to extert physical or mental pressure towards the opponent.

However, it's more complicated than that and we recently had a training session at our Durham Dojo which illustrated this point beautifully.

We were looking at a range of Seitei Kata in quick succession to establish common learning points which could be applied to all kata. Seme was one of those common points but probably the hardest to implement (at least it is currently the hardest on my own learning journey).

For example:

'Kenseme' which means keeping pressure on the opponent using the sword.

'Taiseme' which means keeping pressure on the opponent using the body.

'Kiseme' in which we attempt to hold our opponent back purely through the use of intent or spirit.

I believe that all 3 kinds of seme are used to varying degrees (plus a fourth which is used consistently in all our kata called Miseme which means pressure from the eyes - alternatively referred to as Metsuke) in all our kata but it was interesting to see the three definitions of seme in direct comparison like that in a training session. It was equally interesting to see which kata were particularly useful as a training tool to work on specific forms of seme which could then be implemented in the rest of our training.

Thank you very much to Peter West Sensei who helped me with teh correct use of the above Japanese terms.

Also thank you to Dave Draper for taking fabulous photos of the club members which I have made use of here.

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