Solihull 2011

So here I am once again writing about Budokan dojo’s epic adventures amongst the heathens; this time we went to the posh end of Brum – Solihull. Now when I say posh, I mean posh for Brum. Actually it was quite nice.

Anyway, three of our group went down Friday night (Mark, PJ and Sophie) and took their wives with them introduced to us later as “this is the wife”!! (yes, that was you PJ). The rest of us decided to travel down at some stupid hour of the morning; Hoppy Choppy Hendo drove me, Eddie, Owen and Danni in his car whilst the two Ojika dojo boys – Big Willy and Kev – gave a lift to John, Bill and Kim. And we all met up at the dojo. We tried in our car quite valiantly to discuss Yorkshire Puddings; but this proved a vain attempt to induce Phil’s now famous tourettes.

The Saturday was good training despite yours truly still suffering from a Frozen shoulder. Vic Cook was given to teach us (Bill, Phil, John and I) and was a darling as ever. Fay was given the lower grades of non graders so had the pleasure of Owen, Danni and Kev whilst Chris Buxton was teaching the graders who included Kim, Big Willy, Mark, Sophie and PJ.

Now, I am not one to tell tales out of school but Sophie was shaking so much with it being her first seminar that I thought somebody had plugged her into the mains. But that soon stopped by lunchtime and she realised that what we had been telling her (that she is really pretty good) was actually true and she could she was better than some going for their shodan. I offered to act as Interpreter – for Fay who couldn't understand a word Kev, Sophie or Big Willy were saying.

So, all in all a pleasant first day made even better by the hotel. To say the Receptionist was stunning would do her an injustice; not sure if she understood Big Willy’s offer to “tak her wuh wuh”. Probably best that she didn't.

Saturday night was a blast. A curry at Wok’s Hall as arranged by the lovely Karl - who couldn't even go himself - which was washed down by lots of Bumlika beer! As ever, yours truly was as quite and as subtle as ever so Fay decided to join us because, as she put “you sound as though you are having a better time than anyone else”. At which point she told me that had had screwed Kev up against the wall. “I beg your pardon” was, my reply, “I;m not sure teachers are supposed to screw their students”. Fay burst into giggles, Kev looked horrified.................well yes I did know that what she actually said was that she nearly skewered him against the wall. But hey, I‘m not one to let a good wee-wee taking opportunity pass me by. And it got better. She then said “Ooh I suppose I better go down under the table”- given she was sat directly opposite Kev do I really need to explain my response or do you just wish to work it out yourselves.  After this.....much after.. Kev was flirting with Sophie. To explain, in case Mrs Kev ever reads this, he was just talking to her. But I thought I would lip-read what he was REALLY saying to her (okay I just made up stuff that was funny). But Big Willy and everyone else on the table thought it was hilarious, especially when Sophie’s dad Mark joined in doing it as well. Priceless.

Back to the Hotel and they had a band on. They were pretty good but poor Owen was terrified of the lead singer especially when she asked him to diddums is Hansel scared of the pretty girl then?? LOL

We all got up and had a boogie, Danni did her now famous ‘rubbing up your leg dance’...but hey I’m not complaining. And so to 4am.

Next morning.. and some HUUUUUUGGGE hangovers. And one very embarrassed Owen. I’m not saying why.. you will have to ask him!!! But even he managed the in-joke of the weekend, the new word for all Budokan members to learn and use at every opportunity.

So to practice and it was a very good morning despite a very odd speech from Mr Buxton (nice of you to come but I wish you hadn't!!!!). Bill obviously had had enough of Vic teaching so he tried to take over and very nearly succeeded by 12.00!

And so to grading time. The graders looked pretty calm considering they were all pooping their panties. Toilet was being well used by the whole group lol.

Alas someone forgot to tell two of the panel what time gradings started so, seeing that they were getting really nervous being all lined up, I decided to give them a run through of where to stand, what the commands were etc etc. Fay appreciated this, so did Judy the grading officer who could see the graders were getting more and more anxious.

Sophie up first. I could barely watch I was so bloody nervous, but she breezed it. Mark was in the next set and he also breezed it. PJ and Eddie were in a group of three; poor PJ right at the front, but no dramas. Kim was in the first group of  Shodan graders and, despite  a bit of a fumble on one form he clearly passed (although I think he was a bit worried when he left the floor) and Big Willy stormed his.

And everyone passed. YAY Budokan and Ojika! So lots of shiny happy people.


Solihull – Sophie’s view (Phil’s Bra)

I have just read Lee’s homage to Solihull and noticed he has missed a bit - Big Phil’s bra!!!

Well maybe not actually a bra but let me tell you what happened.

Sunday morning I was feeling a bit poorly (see pic in Lee’s bit and you will see the cause of this) and was also suffering from my shoulder hurting. Lee said he had some ‘rub’ in his and Phil’s room which we could go and get for me to use which might ease the stiffness. (in my shoulder you pervs).

Anyway, Lee and I went to the room to get the ointment and when we went in I saw what looked like a bra in their room. Clearly it wouldn't be Lee’s so, I ventured a question ....” I didn't realise Phil wore a bra!” When I looked closer it was a pair of kneepads but they were at an a angle where they looked like a bra and I couldn't help but ask. Lee thought this was really funny and couldn't wait to tell Phil.