Summer Seminar Stevenage 2011


Big Phil showing his love for Little Chef cakes by wearing  a Loyal Customer T-shirt

In the Hotel bar with our Northern Alliance mates from Genbukan Edinburgh

Our chums from Ojika Dojo – Martin, Sean, Andy, Jayne, John with half of Danni the Head

The Budokan Posse at Stevenage; Danni, Eddie, John, Phil, Bill, Sophie, Lee, Owen (Jack took the picture)

Another night, another bar, another game of  ‘I have never...’

Jack and Danni trying to hitch a lift from the back of Owen’s car....yes his driving is that bad!

Group picture with Oshita Sensei and Morita Sensei.

Pre-grading practice, no pressure!

Owen starting his 2nd Dan grading.

...and still holding it together! Just.

Danni taking her 2nd dan grading.

Jack looking the part, doing his 3rd dan grading.

Sophie doing her penguin impression with her new best friend Mortia Sensei.