BKA National Championships

So, despite my misgivings the Budokan desperados headed to Saxon land because...........erm well something to do with the British Nationals. So we hit Stevenage with the intention of gleaning as many medals as we could. A long journey down there during which the monotony was happily broken up by several outbreaks of Terrets from Big Phil and Jack lusting after anything female in cars that we overtook. We met up with Peter West for a few beers and were later joined by Stuart Farmer (well the fun couldn't last forever; only joking Stuart). Peter gave us our game plan - stop arsing about doing shite Iaido and win something you useless tossers ( I paraphrase of course)- but the message was clear........Err .....err hang on a mo..that wasn't it at all. Actually our instructions were to do the best Iaido we could with the new information we had from Oshita Sensei via Peter's trip to the land of cabbage and fish soup for breakfast.

So next day we were there full of hope....until we met up with those scoundrels from Ojika; damn them and damn their eyes (don't know the relevance of this but heard it once on Blackadder). Big Phil and I were summoned before Sensei Jockmeister for our instructions (along with every other 7,6,5 and 4dans) for when we were doing the judging.

The rokudans hit the floor first and were okay!!

Then the godan division hit the floor for some real dynamic iaido. The Watsonian Institute strutted, the Big Doug towered, Her Royal Harryness pouted and batted eyelashes, yours truly flirted with anything breathing (nowt new there then) and Bill got bollocked for not turning up (being good friends we told him this). Alas, your intrepid hero went out after two rounds winning the first against Warren and then losing to Harry ( I would like to say it was a thorough spanking but she declined this offer - well I tried....sigh). So off to judging for Lee-boy.

Anyhoo, big Phil was annihilating the opposition in the Yondan section...well until he met Aurelien who did for him. Damn that French/American/Englishman (and his eyes...still don't know what that means!!!). But he did win a bronze AND also got the fighting spirit. Well done top student. (that used to be my title but I think he deserves this now). Poor Martin went out early in this section. But from speaking with Peter afterwards he was well happy that both Martin and Phil had bust a gut to do the Oshita stuff he had brought back.

So to the Nidan section where we had two good candidates; Jack (what hairstyle should I have today) James and John (give me your sword you bar-steward) Meikle. To be honest I was confident that these two would both get medals but alas the judges had an off day. So John went out in the quarters (but Matthew was very good as well) and Jack won a bronze. Hoorah!!!!

In the shodan and mudan section Ojika fielded the very lovely Pam and the equally lovely Kevin. So we in Budokan gave our support to them (mainly through  flipping the bird, farting and belching, picking our toenails and sublime indifference ) Nah. But I was gobsmacked when Martin voted against Kev during one bout. You'll never see a Shinden vote against his student (that was a joke, goddammit!!!!!) Kev got a bronze and Pam got a silver. Yay Mrs Murton!!

Team section now and Budokan did well actually. We were in a difficult group but managed to get to the quarters where we went out by one tie and one flag to Seishinkan A (who went on to win). Jon won his bout 3-0; poor Jack went down 0-3 to Aurelien and I lost 1-2 to Andy Watson. But we all did well I think and we were trying to change our stuff!!!

So all in all a good time I think.