National Championships 2009

Saturday 11th July saw 4 members of the Budokan dojo attending the National Iaido championships at Stevenage....

Jonathan McCue competing in the Mudan section
Tracey Foster  competing in the Shodan section
Jon Meikle competing in the Nidan section
Phil Henderson competing in the Sandan section
Although no individual medals were won, all the gang gained some useful Taikai experience, with Phil Henderson winning the Sandan "fighting spirit" award. 
The team event saw Phil, Jon and Tracey winning their first round match, but just edged out in the second round. Jon should be particularly pleased as he managed to take a flag from the 5th Dan silver medallist.

Jonathan went on a free transfer to the Ojika B team and got 3 flags for his efforts, although their team was out in the first round.
Overall a long day, but useful experience and a good social session on the friday night. Here's looking forward to greater success at the 2010 event. "
Maybe next time we might take up Traceys offer to soften up the competition before the Taikai begins !