Edinburgh December 2010

A window of opportunity arose between Christmas and New Year, when some of the gang went up to Genbukan Dojo in Edinburgh to train with John Honisz Green (5th Dan) who has direct input from Oshita Sensei in Japan. John lives and works in Osaka and his sessions back in bonny Scotland are always a real treat !
So Big Phil, Owen and Jon Meikle made their rather wary way to Edinburgh via the delights of a rather wet and icy A68, risking the deep pools of icy water and glorious scenery of the mountains as they crossed the boarder.... managing to get to the relative comfort of Genbukan dojo by 10am......(after a 6am start)
As always a warm welcome from the two David's and a valuable 10 hours training under the watchful eye of John H-G.
Lots of good tips and advice on a one to one basis made this a particularly useful and enjoyable day.
All Seitei covered (except 10 and 11) which was a good result for us, helping us to refresh our knowledge, gain some new practical points  and help keep off the the Christmas excess from going straight onto our waists..... 
The journey home took a familiar route down the A1 (which had been closed the previous evening !)  and of course the compulsory stop at the MacDonald's near Berwick to restore our waning strength.
A great end to the year, with both Owen and Jon nicely set for their next gradings...coming soon !"