Darlington Mini Seminar 2009


Many thanks to Peter West Sensei, Martin Chambers and Stuart Shireff for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Peter kindly led a mini event on the Friday afternoon with me, Martin and Bill Davison to go through some 'high grade' pointers before the weekend itself. We were joined later by Tim Hamilton of the Chidokan Dojo in Middlesbrough. Boy, did I learn how little I knew.

Saturday. A good turn out from the Newcastle, Preston and Leeds dojos as well as our own meant quite a full hall. Peter decided on a different approach to training - rather than just go through each Seitei kata in turn he opted for some fundamentals which applied to iaido no matter which kata was being done and used Mae and Morote Tsuki as the templates. Sound easy? Was it buggery. Some tired but happy faces at the end of that day.

Sunday. The Leeds guys couldn't make it but Tim turned up with a couple from his dojo which bolstered the numbers a bit. Peter decided to see what people had learned from Saturday and did this through the seated set of Oku!! Yes, I kid you not.

Were people phased? Nope. They loved it and lapped it all up. Yes they were totally spent at the end of both days but the feedback was very very positive.

So, many thanks to Peter West Sensei.

But also a big thank you to everyone who turned up and made the whole weekend such a great place to be.

 My profoundest gratitude.

Lee Mountain