Darlington Northern Seminar 2009

Budokan Dojo played host to the Northern Seminar for the 15th consecutive year and we enjoyed several grading successes in iaido.
Massive congratulations to the following students;
Phil Henderson - Yondan
Malcolm Blackwood - Nidan
Jonathon McCue - Ikkyu
Andy Gardner - Ikkyu
Kevin Ainsley - Ikkyu
Also a big well done to John Burn From Ojika Dojo in Newcastle - he got his Yondan. John had been supplementing his training by practising at our Durham site most Mondays.


Wait a moment. Kevin Ainsley, who has been training hard to pass his Ikkyu in Iaido also found time to have a baby. Well, his wife did ( I am told he had 'a very small part' to play in proceedings!!!!).

Congratulations to you both on the birth of your son Isaac. The drinks are on you!!