British Nationals July 2011

So, another month, another jolly jaunt for the Budokan boys and their chums from Ojika.

This time we are heading for St Evenage ( or Stevenage as it used to be called before the south got posh) for the British Nationals.

Not as good a turnout for Budokan as we usually manage but this was because the BKA had to move it back by a week - apparently the Grand Prix was on!!!!!!!


So Billious, Hoppy Choppy Hendo, Jon M and I w

andered into hostile climes to compete for some gongs and glory! But first……..the bar….hurrah! Went into Stevenage Town centre and looked for a pub. Hmm bus station…tick. Closed shops….tick. 1960's prefab buildings….tick. But pubs er er ….over there. Quick catch it before it gets away! We found two. One was a Wetherspoons which was dead (Friday night?) and one called the Old Post Office which was noisy and full of fat blokes and fat lasses; must remember to buy shares in the Stevenage branch of Macdonalds.

Anyway, back to business ………... the business of getting shiny things round our necks!

First off was the individuals. Godans up first and poor Bill was beaten by Warren whilst Ojika Martin whopped his opponent. Alas your intrepid hero also got beat; by Capt Haddock ( Andy Watson was his name before he grew that beard).

Second bout was a bit better for Leeboy; beating Ojika Martin whilst Bill lost again - this time to the very lovely Harry. So Bill was out and went to help judge. Ojika Martin followed him quickly after when he lost to Andy Watson but yours truly beat his last opponent 2:1 so went through to the semi finals where he lost to Harry. So a bronze for moi. Not bad to say I haven't been able to train for 7 months.

During this time Big Phil and Ojika John had been doing some judging on the Mudan division and getting bollocked regularly, along with all the other Yondans,  by Mansfield Sensei; ah happy days! Bill, Ojika Martin and I were used to help judge the sandan and nidan divisions which was tiring but fun. Jon M and Ojika Sean were in this group and whilst poor Sean went out in the heats Jon managed to get through to the final (how the chuff did that happen??). Actually, Jon played a blinder and I'm going to grass him up now - he wasn't going to go because he though he would get thrashed! Just shows you doesn't it!

Ojika Kev and Ojika Willy (I know, I know, it sounds a bit like a contagious disease) were in the Shodan division and whilst poor Willy got his arse whooped, wor Kev got to the final.

Big Phil and Ojika John had to wait ages until they got to play swords! Phil got through to the semis and did very very well against the eventual winner but poor John had a bit of a mare and got beaten by two young ladies (and not in the way he wished LOL).

Ojika Kev should have won his final but alas he went down 2:1. Jon Meikle did well against Daniel but alas lost 3:0 but no disgrace there as his opponent is going for 4 dan in two weeks time. So well done to both for a splendid effort.

A wee break for a light bite and onto the team events. Budokan A and B and Ojika B only had two people each so borrowed some people who were not in teams (thanks to Chris Buxton and Andy Watson agreeing to this).

Budokan A (Bill, Jon M and guest) won their heats including beating Andy Watson along the way and got through the next two rounds but lost in the quarters to Seishinkan A. Ojika B (Sean, Big Willy and Colin) went out early unfortunately but Ojika A (Martin, John and Kev) scraped through to the semis losing out to Seishinkan B.

And what about Budokan B I hear you all cry; how did those brave boys do. Well, good folk, I will tell you. Budokan B ( Moi, Phil and a shodan called James) had a bit of a rocky ride.

First match I won 2:1 which was bit odd given I was against a shodan but maybe one judge was having a bad day. Thank fully James beat a Yondan because Phil managed to lose to a 2dan (the big galloot). Second match I won 3:0  and both James and Phil won theirs; so we went top of our group.

Some how I managed to lose more flags to junior grades; one was a nidan who tripped over on his hakama but lets not talk about that. Lets dwell on the fact that we still got through to the next round. Alas we went out to Seishinkan A in the semi's (but Phil redeemed himself by getting a flag off Harry Jones).

So, the medal haul

Lee Mountain 5dan - Bronze Individuals; Bronze Team
Phil Henderson 4dan - Bronze Individuals; Bronze Team
Jon Meikle 3dan - Silver Individuals


Martin Chambers 5dan - Fighting Spirit Individuals; Bronze Team
John Burn 4dan - Bronze Team
Kev MacNeil 1dan - Silver Individuals, Bronze Team

The Northern Alliance strikes again!


Lee Mountain