Iaido Summer Seminar & Grading, Brighton 9th - 14th August.

This years Summer seminar was held in Brighton, University of Sussex Campus. Which was attended by some of the leading Japanese Iaido Sensei; Ishido Sensei, Morita Sensei, Oshita Sensei to name but a few.

The event was split into 3 days Seitei with grading on third day and then 3 days of Koryu. Due to this event commemorating the 30th year of Iaido and Jodo in Europe a Koryu Taikai  took place on the afternoon of the second day.

Congratulations to both Lee Mountain who achieved the silver medal in the  Yondan group and Jack James who achieved the Bronze medal in the Shodan group.  In all a great result for Budokan Dojo!

Grading took place on the third day with great success, Lee Mountain achieved his Godan Iaido and Jack James achieved his Nidan Iaido. A huge congratulations to you both, all that hard work had paid off.